Thursday, December 26, 2013

 salam alaik :)

Sudah setahun blog ni sepi tanpa entri..huhu..ampun blogku tersayang. 
Harini nak tulis pendek[endek je..tuanmu busy tak cukup kaki tangan.huhukkk

 presenting .......
my dear sweetheart babygirl !!!!

Nawwal Sakinah bt Ahmad Najib
was born on 12th of October 2013

within 1 year, my life had totally change. from single to double then move to tripple.hehehe, and i enjoying my life as a wife to my lovely husband n a mom to this cutey baby besides a training teacher. 

my praktikum for DPLI-sr j-QAF will be starting on next month for 4 months onwards.. i've to be well prepared to be observed by my supervisors anytime. dear friends please pray for my success in this praktikum so i can fullfill my dream to be an arabic language teacher.ameen ya Rabb.

May Allah ease my way to..ameen..

till then.. ilalliqaa' 
:) :)